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OpenBor list games#2199

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Templario Templarioicon_post
I like the OpenBor games but how not all games run in the great port from BeWorld, will be interested make a list upgradable with the OpenBor games that runs, for example I found the game Evil Dead based in the 80s movie and I test the game and works fine, the game is a little difficult and was made for the same author of Kill Bill fan game, this game also is free, because there are OpenBor games of pay, but it is difficult know if they work with our OpenBor.
BeWorld BeWorldicon_post
if you find somes games not working, you can test it with same windows version to compare, maybe some things not working in OpenBOR (MOS).

Good idea to do a list, but how many games OpenBOR support ? (i dont find the awser)

First think to do is go to
IMAC 2.1 / PB 1.5G 17 / PM G5 2.7
My Works
Templario Templarioicon_post
I started this list because there are OpenBor games that not work because they are made with old OpenBor engines and not work with more new version, this problem is so for the Windows version, and I have to recognize your work with the port and theat people know that the OpenBor bring us new arcade games for MorphOS. My idea is make a list with the links to can download the games to make more easy the use of OpenBor, also there are commercial games but here is the problem know if these games run with MorphOS version, because for example some OpenBor games have the Windows version of OpenBor with it works fine to avoid problems with newest OpenBor versions.
I think with this port is other way to give it more depth in time when there is a official forum and developers making new games or updating others. And I have seen some commercial games with a very good graphics but the problem is these games work with our OpenBor.