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OWB and crashed #2006

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Templario Templarioicon_post
I have a question, if I shall add more memory to my Power Book G4, now it has 482 mb, with 1 or 2 GB the OWB will crashes less o equal that now, OWB corrupt the memory with the use, but with more memory the crashes in theory are less or not solve the problem?
Papiosaur Papiosauricon_post
Hi Templario,

i think OWB need 1Go to run properly, if you want i have extra memory for your PB ;-)

[EDIT] See in the Readme :

"It crashes!
-> OWB is fairly stable (as long as you have enough memory, like most posix
application nowadays unfortunately...). If you get a reproducible crash
(unrelated to memory usage), send me a debug log."

I send you a PM
Templario Templarioicon_post
I'll try to get a crash log, because now I have fear of so much crashes and reset in one the PowerBook doesn't work anymore.