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Post� : 26-08-2019 22:42 icone du post

I have started a forum thread on, asking the question; how can we promote MorphOS better, so we can gain more new users, and hopefully some of those new users will also be programmers, who can create new MorphOS native software for all of us to enjoy and use. I know that this forum site is primarily for French speaking users, but I believe that my desire to form a group of users to advertise and promote MorphOS at user group meetings, online websites, and print and/or online magazines, is aligned with the spirit and purpose of this forum site and its founders. I would gladly join a group of users here on WArMUP Association, to actively obtain advertising artwork and text ideas, and work toward raising funds to purchase advertising space in various media places, if such a group existed. I have no ambition to lead this group effort, I just want to help, and to see it happen. I believe that such a group should work with the official MorphOS Development Team members, to obtain their approval for all advertising attempts, but none of the official MorphOS Development Team members should be expected to use their valuable time creating such content. Hopefully, the only time they will need to spend is a quick few minutes to review and approve our designs and artwork, that we propose to them to use as advertising for MorphOS in several places online, as well as in person, at Amiga and MorphOS events around the globe. What do you think of my idea?

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