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Post� : 30-10-2013 18:38 icone du post

Bonjour à tous,

Zukow vient de rendre disponible une version beta des nouvelles préférences "Printer" de MorphOS.

citation de Zukow sur MorphZone:

"Taaadaaam, some early beta 'i'll kill your rdb' release

1. Install ghostscript using Geit's installer
2. Download and overwrite GS installation >
3. Download and unpack, move the files to sys: and read readme file.

In short:
This package contains port of cups filters (filter == printer drivers, not all cups infrastructure), new library ppd.library for handling PPD files and Morphos prefs for adding them to system (it converts PPD file to internal IFF format). There is also new handler: printer-handler which creates PRINTER: device similar to PRT: or PS: devices but handling additional options compatible with CUPS/IPP. printer.device wrapper has not been written yet so printing to PRINTER: is the only option now. There is also VPDF with PRINTER: support.

All package is highly WIP state, sends tons of debug and can crash :). Color profiles are not supported in this version.
Ghostscript is required only for non-postscript printers.

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