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Salut Brumiga,

en effet, je suis tombé sur cette nouvelle version en allant sur le site officiel. J'ai également remarqué la date qui me paraissait lointaine...

En cherchant le le fil de discussion sur MZ je viens de tomber sur ce post de jaca datant du 9 mars dernier :

Iris 1.3 is part of the MorphOS 3.16 but I've also updated the website now. There is no need to download it once you've installed MorphOS 3.16!

Changes from 1.1:

- Notifications on new messages can be configured per folder now
- Only show notifications on unread messages
- Fixed a bug that caused Iris to free its main thread's signals when terminating worker thread causing the app to become unresponsive
- Fixed a regression with image embedding when writing emails
- Fixed a race condition in OAuth request initialization
- Implemented additional authentication settings that make it possible to select a single SASL authentication mode, overriding server's default
- Added Outgoing and incoming mail Magic Beacon notifications
- Fixed a stack under-run in account test/connect threads

The ICU directory may now be safely removed from your Iris directory as ICU files are part of the 3.16 installation."
 Message édité par : Papiosaur / 21-08-2022 07:59
 Message édité par : Papiosaur / 21-08-2022 07:59

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