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Morphever 1.0.0 par ENCORE 1027

Mariusz 'MDW' Wlodarczyk du groupe ENCORE vient de rendre disponible la démo Morphever qui a terminé à la 1ère place à la Wild compo lors du rassemblement Decrunch 2022 qui a eu lieu à Wroclaw (Pologne) les 21,22 et 23 octobre dernier.

Se rendre sur la page dédiée sur MorphOS-Storage.

Papiosaurpapiosaur Publié le : Dimanche 23 octobre 2022 @ 10:34:58

Thank you for the news and place on MorphOS Storage. :)

We spent many (too many) time working on this demo, engine, gfx, anim, synchronosation with music. Decrunch 2022 was small party but really nice. It was really good time for me.

I hope the demo will work correctly on other configurations. I have tried only on my PowerBookG4 and Recedent’s PowerMacG5 with Radeon X1950. :) :)

Today I am going to sleep because I was sleeping 2-3 hours per night during the last 3 nights. :) :) I had unexpected problems, found irritate bugs before the party.
nerumo nerumo
You worked hard, and well, the result is awesome
Papiosaur Papiosaur
Thanks a lot MDW for this new great demo for MorphOS!

Like nerumo said: "Awesome"

Work perfectly on my Quad + 1950!

Good night :-D
BeWorld BeWorld
very Nice ! Thanks for your hard work
IMAC 2.1 / PB 1.5G 17 / PM G5 2.7

My Works
Jedi Jedi
Excellent as always !

Many thanks MDW & Skyrunner ! :)

Waiting for the next ;)
Brumiga Brumiga

Bad luck for me. As soon as I double click on the demo it crashes. The application is meditating.

My computer is stock macmini 1.5 ghz, 512 mb fast ram and 64 video ram.

nerumo nerumo
j'ai aussi cette configuration mac mini 1.5 avec 64 Mo de vidéo, sauf que j'ai 1 Go de RAM,
et la démo fonctionne chez moi
Really? I am surprised. I heard that the demo works quite fast also on Efika (128MB RAM). But without music or with file music_1 converted from WAVE to MP3. I am going to release an update if I find problem with the music.
Could you try to run the demo with disabled music? Please disable the sound in demo launcher or just delete "music_1" from data/sound directory.
Do you know how many free RAM do you have after start demo (and crash)?
Thank you for everyone. Nice to read that the demo was at least "watchable". :) I think the most important element of the demo is Skyrunner's music and synchronisation audio-video. Skyrunner is really good... I am happy that he wanted create music also to this demo.
Templario Templario
Thank you MDW and Skyrunner for this new demo for MorphOS, I have a little question do you think to make some little tool with your Encore engine for the fans will can theirs own demos or presentations? As the Shader Boy example but with more proffesional options.
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